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Strategic Management

Strategic Management


Strategic Planning Featured

This program is designed for Senior managers, department heads, directors of planning and development, and planning specialists.


Budgets and Managing Money Featured

In this workshop will learn:

  • The basics of accounting and finance
  • How to identify their role in finances
  • How to look at financial reports, including a profit and loss statement, an income statement, and a financial statement
  • Ways to track business expenses
  • How to develop a good budget
  • Things to think about when deciding what accounting method to use
  • Simple ways to manage money to generate profit
  • Ways to compare investment opportunities
  • What to do when finances affect people
  • About the ISO 9001:2000 series
  • Decision-making skills



Critical Thinking

This workshop will teach participants how to:

  • Properly assess the issues at hand
  • Use a structured technique in analysis and conclusion
  • Identify reasoning and apply proper techniques of questioning

Business Process Management

Business process management helps organizations leverage processes to achieve their goals and be successful. Once processes are implemented, they must be monitored, evaluated, and optimized to make sure they are still meeting the goals that they were designed to accomplish. A business that can successfully manage its processes is able to maintain a competitive edge, while increasing productivity and efficiency and decreasing costs.



Balanced Scorecard Basics

Over the past several decades, organizations have come to realize that success cannot only be measured in dollars and cents. Intangible assets (like a company’s reputation, the knowledge base created by its employees, and training initiatives) can make up a huge portion of a company’s wealth.


It only makes sense, then, that we need a new tool to help us measure this expanded definition of success. Enter the balanced scorecard! This tool and its related components will help your organization identify, document, plan, and execute a balanced strategic mission. It will also help your organization evaluate and revise its strategic execution.



Change Management - Change and how to deal with it Featured

Learning Objectives:

 -  Understand change.

-   Describe how to implement a change program

-   Identify and overcome obstacles to change 

-   Use the knowledge gained, to contribute with effective change in your organization

-   Understand the impact of change in the organization

-   Understand the requirement for a sound change process within the organization