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What are LCCI Diplomas?  

LCCI Diplomas are internationally recognized, and effective way of combining subjects in related fields to create a comprehensive

demonstration of ability, skills and knowledge.

Some modules in our Diplomas allow progression to ACCA and CIMA professional qualifications.


How does it work?

Candidates attend a set of 3-4 courses (depending on diploma requirements).

Upon completion of each course, candidates apply for an international exam.

Exams are held 3 times per year or on demand as depicted below:

  • Session 1: April
  • Session 2: June
  • Session 3: November


Diplomas can be finished between 9 month up to 24 months.

Willing candidates can attend more than one topic at a time.


LCCI Diplomas provided by ROUTES

 Diploma Title

 Diploma Level

 Marketing  Level 3
 Managerial Principles   Level 3
 Business English for International Managers       Level 3 and 4
 Accounting (Group Diploma)  Level 3
 Accounting and Finance  Level 3 and 4    
 Business Administration   Level 3









Candidates will receive a Certificate for each exam they successfully pass.

Then, upon passing all required topics a Diploma is granted.




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