HR Cycle

Simple choices need to be crystal clear...

ROUTES HR Cycle, is simply your choice

Combining the newest developments in the challenging field of human capacity management along with the hands on experience that our trainers brought in through their role as HR Directors, Advisors, and Consultants for international and local organizations throughout the last 20 years, the HR Cycle is definitely the Lebanon's ICON in HR Training since 2006. We proudly announce over 180 HR courses being held at ROUTES Business Training Center.

Our Aim since the start was to provide the hands-on experience that you need to perform your job yet be in charge of the decisions you take and prove capable of managing the challenges you face. The HR cycle was knit with the requirements that give HR Professional the edge in facing every challenge regardless if the operation is a startup or an international organization.

We started our HR training offerings in 2006, yet, it was only four years ago that we initiated the first Full HR cycle. Today we believe we have the cutting edge in HR training, as more candidates choose our program and appreciate the know-how's and the how-to's that the program offers them. 
Our understanding of the nature of Lebanese companies, the fact that the majority run operations with less than 5 HR specialists and with educational backgrounds that don't meet the position's needs in many cases, was enough to tell us that change is needed! 
Our HR program is Competency-Based, we embed the most up-to-date HR developments into every module getting our know-how from our International Consulting Partners. Running the program over 130 hours (seven months), we give attendees time to implement and consult when-ever they need to.
CARING for Results is what made us succeed. We respond to your developmental needs by choosing a program sets measures to the knowledge, skills and abilities gained. When luck can be a choice, ROUTES leads to Good luck

Cycle Benefits:

• Our method of training is based on our consultative experience. Rather than discussing theories, we present real case studies that match YOUR different working 
• YOU receives a full training kit that helps YOU put knowledge into practice with little improvisation. 
• Our program presents must use tools for COMPANIES seeking growth, irrespective of the size of the company. 
• The content has been prepared and reviewed and demonstrated to ensure that YOU get maximum effectiveness and interaction. 
• The program enables YOU as a specialist to seek more generalist oriented jobs since YOU will gain knowledge on all HR related topics. (in other words, reaching 
out for more managerial tasks) 
• The program is set in the evening over a flexible schedule of 2 sessions per week. 
• YOU can Choose one module, many modules or a full program 

Top Human Resources Management Topics

• Fundamentals of HR
• Competency Models Development
• Recruiting, Interviewing and Selection
• Job Description Preparation, Scaling, and Compensation
• Manpower Planning – Succession Planning
• Performance Management and Measurement
• Organizing, Motivating and Management Control
• Managing Training Needs
• Lebanese Labor Law and NSSF